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Fine Glassware from England

From Lincolnshire, England, Athena introduces glassware grandeur with highly functional works of art for those who appreciate the merits of displaying organic, hand-crafted vessels. Each piece is hand-shaped and moulded to be an elegant, contemporary design that’s easy to use. The Athena range is a gift to the most demanding chefs in top hotels and fine restaurants around the world. The artisan pieces within this range includes double wall glasses, beautiful teapots with strainers and infusers and more. Crafted from only the finest materials, Athena glassware is imbued with passion and is a treasured accessory used by gourmet cooks, celebrity chefs – and now you.


Pop Design Scout

Athena Double Wall glasses are a innovative way of ensuring your cold drinks stay cold and your warm drinks stay warm for longer!"
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