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Old Hobart Distillery

Australia's Best Single Malt Single Cask Whiskies

It's no overstatement to say these handmade boutique single malt, single cask whiskies are the best in Australia, and deservedly revered among the top ranks of whisky around the world. 

Inspired by the 'Isle of Inspiration's' long history of whisky distilling, Old Hobart Distillery is family owned, steeped in traditional Scottish wisdom and harnesses the highest quality barleycleanest water, air and an ideal climate for top quality whisky crafting that Tasmania is renowned for.

Matured in port or sherry casks, these widely acclaimed whiskies boast intense character and unique flavour profiles; including smooth palates of spiced dried fruit, intense cocoa, caramel, cinnamon, roasted nuts and more. It comes as no surprise then that these boutique spirits have garnered accolades including Australia’s Highest Scoring Whisky for 2012 from the Malt Whisky Society of Australia (MWSoA) and ‘Overall Winner’ in the recent World of Whisky ‘Australasian Whisky Awards’ for 2012. In fact, the distillery's Overeem’s Port Matured (60%) Whisky received the highest score ever achieved by an Australian single malt whisky, and was deservedly awarded Australia’s best whisky, and silver medal for its placement in the overall top 10 whiskies entered from around the world.

Oozing sophistication, these high quality whiskies are a perfect gift for special occasions and celebrations.