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VnC Cocktails

Premium Premixed Cocktails

Wouldn't it be great if you had delicious cocktails prepared and waiting in the fridge? That way you could spend a lot more time socialising and chit-chatting and a lot less time mixing, muddling, blending, crushing, and cleaning up. After consulting with some of the world’s top mixologists for exciting recipes and flavour combinations, the VnC guys blended and they tweaked and they tested and they sampled and they partied until they knew that what they had was really, really good: the best ready-to-serve cocktails in the world.

Now you can serve great tasting cocktails at your next party without the hassle and mess with a premixed, ready to drink VnC cocktail. Befuddle your body into thinking it’s warm out with a case of six 700ml Mango Daiquiris, each concocted with perfectly ripe mangoes blended with pure New Zealand vodka, puckered up with juicy lemons and limes; or if you want a little passion in your life indulge in a case of 12 200ml Passionfruit Caprioskas bursting with ripe, juicy pulp and a medley of exotic flavours. Cheers! 

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