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Zest Byron Bay

Mouth-Watering Marinades & Sensational Spice Blends

These wonderful jars and packets of delight are mixed lovingly by hand in Byron Bay, using only quality ingredients for optimum flavour. Their vibrant earthy colours and aromas will turn any dish into a sensory feast with their rich yet subtle qualities. With similar ingredients to neighbouring India, Zest Byron Bay’s Nepalese recipes are unique in their gently balanced combination of spices that include: Fiesta, Sublime, Exotic and Pahelo. Zest is easy to use and incorporates beautifully with your existing recipes. Whether you’re gluten free, a strict vegetarian, a BBQ fan or just love to eat, there really is something for everyone with these beautiful Zest combinations. With endless possibilities, you can bring a versatile and flavourful addition to any meal.

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