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Crystal Head Vodka

Gold Winning Diamond-Filtered Pure Vodka in Skull Bottle

Founded by actor, musician, entrepreneur and spiritualist, Dan Aykroyd with veteran fine artist John Alexander, is Crystal Head Vodka, a premium pure vodka bottled in an exquisite glass skull, crystal 'skull-tini' glasses and shot glasses inspired by intriguing crystal skulls uncovered by archaeologists in regions around the world—from vast southwest American to Tibet.

Within a skull-shaped and twinkling glass bottle of unsurpassed complexity and quality is a premium vodka so pure it has won double gold-medals in the San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionFrom the high quality grains used and the pristine waters of Newfoundland, Canada, to the integral avoidance of using any additives at all throughout the entire process, Crystal Head Vodka is quadruple distilled, then triple charcoal filtered. Finally, every drop is filtered three times through a cone of semi-precious crystals known as Herkimer Diamonds. The result is a product that exalts and embodies this pure spirit, making it one of the worlds' great luxury vodkas.

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