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Linda's Red Hot Sweet Chilli Relish

Fiery Chilli-Based Gourmet Relishes

For years, Linda’s Red Hot Sweet Chilli Relish has had friends and relatives begging for more. With these chilli-laden gourmet relishes, get saucy with meat pies and snags, baste some taste onto barbecued foods or simply enjoy its luscious sweet heat on cheese and toast. Her award-winning relishes have received numerous accolades from the Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania, Mudgee Agricultural Show and Mudgee Fine Food Awards. Made with love, these preserves give a little extra kick to make any meal special.

With three fiery flavours to choose from, Linda’s Red Hot Sweet Chilli Relishes are versatile enough for any occasion. The Red Hot Sweet Chilli Relish with Lime & Ginger gives an oriental flavour to any dish from rice paper rolls to Thai beef salad and even as a glaze when barbequing seafood. For those with a taste for adventure, the Sinfully Hot Sweet Chilli Relish gives a spicy burst to curries, stir fries and salads. Offering a more mild taste the whole family will love, the Original Red Hot Sweet Chilli Relish is great as a secret ingredient in anything, from a sauce or dip all the way to a naughty ice-cream topping when mixed with melted chocolate.