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Brass Beer

Premium Imported Belgian Beers

Hailing from a family-run brewery with a history spanning back 250 years in famous beer region of Limberg, Belgium, come these 100% authentic beers - lager and pilsner - made the traditional way with no additives, artificial colours or preservatives.

Brass Beer lager is a drier beer with a simple, crisp and clean taste, while the pilsner boasts a marvellous palate that is soft, dry, effervescent and intensely hoppy, yet delivers a gentle aftertaste.

Featuring lightweight and eco-friendly recyclable PET bottles, a case of either beer is ideal for entertaining a crowd, or bringing along to barbecues and events without glass presenting a hazard. The bottles' patented barrier solution ensures all the unique properties like foam, carbonation, colour, aroma, flavour and bitterness are protected.

For more exclusive offers on premium alcoholic selections, please visit Olive & Vine.

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