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Currong Comestibles

Apple Cider Vinegar Cordials & Chutneys

What do you get when you combine unique flavours, old recipes and a curious cook? Currong Comestibles!

Currong Comestibles is dedicated to exciting the palate by combining and enhancing traditional recipes with new, different and unusual flavours from Australian plants, herbs and fruits.

Currong Comestibles owner, Denyse McDonald, was first introduced to Australian native ingredients over 20 years ago, and has been incorporating them into her recipes ever since. A few years ago, a recipe for an apple cider vinegar cordial or ‘Shrub’ intrigued Denyse. The history of the beverage was fascinating and she was curious to see if the concept could be translated into a recipe using Australian native ingredients. Once combining these two elements, Currong Comestibles’ delectable range of Shrubs was born and Chutneys were created.

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