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Chic Nuts

Chic Nuts and Fava Nuts

Partner Foods' Chic Nuts and Fava Nut—came to life over a cold beer in a Maleny pub. Inspired by the nostalgic crunch of the popular Carribbean snackfood, roasted chickpea, for Trinidad born and raised founders and friends, Jonathan Davies and Eddie Goddard, their idea was simple: to create a new snackfood that tastes great, is good for you and supports sustainable agriculture.

Their Chic Nuts are made from whole chickpeas first soaked in pure deep spring water. No artificial flavour enhancers, artificial flavours or stabilisers are added, and the snacks are an excellent source of protein, fibre, zinc and any B-complex vitamins; while their Fava Nuts are made from broadbeans, a crop which actually restores Australian soils. For a guilt-free crunch that's good for your body and the environment, look no further than delicious Chic Nuts and Fava Nuts in lightly salted and Sicilian herb and garlic flavours.

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