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Tea Drop

Premium Exotic Tea Blends

Sri Lankan-born Ashok Dias is from the land renowned world over for the finest brew. He was raised with a preternatural understanding of and enviable passion for tea. Taking his zest for tea to the next level, Ashok created Tea Drop in 2005 as a testament to a simple philosophy: source high quality tea and package it at its point of origin to maintain the maximum premium quality and flavour.

Whether you prefer the robust experience of English Breakfast Tea, with its amber hue and rich aroma, or the delicate palate of Lavender Gray, with it’s floral overtones and the sparkle of citrus, Tea Drop offers an impressive selection of fine blends available loose or as cubes, in pouches or pyramid bags. Whatever your mood, and whatever your taste, the tea from Tea Drop is the very embodiment of the modern tea experience.