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Tease Tea

Certified Organic Teas & Herbal Infusions

From boutique tea merchant Tease Tea comes this range of tea and herbal infusions including classic black tea blends, exquisite and delicately rolled green tea, vibrant herbal blends, certified organic ranges and the favourite spicy chai blend.

Founded by true tea afficionados, Tease Tea blends and flavours their own tasty masterpieces, uplifting brews and tried and true morning pick-me-ups. All teas are crafted in Australia, as much as possible, and the company is Australian-owned.

In a range of loose leaf and pyramid tea bags, made in-house and whose unique shape allows for larger tea leaves which imbue maximum flavour, try the unique Chilli Rush - warm on the tongue and fiery in the throat, the perfectly zesty Ginger Lemongrass blend, which uplifts with Asian-inspired flavours, or the robust and smoky Strong Russian, plus all your classic black tea favourites.

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