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Tichum Creek Coffee Farm

100% Australian Coffee Blends and Flavours

Tichum Creek Coffee roasts and brews 100% Australian coffee in a boutique production designed to produce the very best gourmet flavours. Not only is their coffee grown in a clean, tropical environment on the Cairns Highlands behind the Great Barrier Reef, but is roasted in small batches, resulting in a fast turnover and better, fresher coffee for your drinking pleasure. The coffee is to the highest quality, with an outgassing valve to maintain freshness and extend the shelf life for up to two years. Available in an extensive selection of flavours and blends such as chocolate macadamia, macadamia cream, klua cream, hazelnut cream, chocolate hazelnut, Irish cream, chocolate Irish cream, French vanilla, Belgian chocolate, caramel nut, Mario’s Blend, Medium Roast and Dark Roast, there’s a blend for everyone.

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